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Prime Security & Escrow Services
Bank vault with bullions

Safe Deposit

PCA’s Global Security sector specializes in Protection Services, Safe-Keeping Of Valuables, Deposits & Claims Processing, International Shipping & Clearing and more. With the interests of the companies and clients we serve, our expertise is grounded in industry and sector knowledge and experience. We provide security advice and consulting services so our clients can achieve their ambitions and strategic objectives.

Diamonds, Precious Metals & Jewelries

PCA Premium Security  provides Safe Keeping Services and Deposit Of Valuables for its clients worldwide. We can assist in monetizing if that is wished.


Cash and Currencies

Whether you want to securely deposit your cash, or want it to be moved, exchanged. PCA Premium Partners can handle all aspects of their clients requests.

Precious Paintings & Art

You want to safely deposit your valuable paintings or Art, or you want to have PCA as your representative for an International auction or bidding – PCA Premium Banking can handle such client wishes, leaving no expectation unanswered.


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