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About Us

PCA - Where there is a will, there is always a way

About Us

Welcome to Prime Consulting Alliance Limited. Your Private Banking Liaison. This is where we handle all special requests and tasks. Private secure and confidential banking, just as you deserve.


Whether it is cash handling and you don’t know how or what to do, or it is currency transfers (also closed currencies), we are here to help.


PCA International delivers technology solutions that help businesses and Individuals transform the way they do business.

Cash Handling0%
Transfer Business0%
Securities, including Historical0%

Worldwide Transfers and Operations

  • Secured Payment Solution – Payment Gateways – Merchant Receiver Account (MRA) – All majors Credit Cards and 24 currencies accepted.
  • EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard), PPS (Permanent Protocol System), WebLink, Transfer Server to Server (S2S), DTCC, MT103 (One Way – Receiver)
  • ¬†Currency Exchange Worldwide.
  • Gold, Diamonds, Commodities, Precious Metals


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